Black History Month: Amplified Campaign For Black Blood Donors

During Black history month this year, team plasma of hope carried out a  Blood Donation campaign centred around the need for more black blood. According to NHSBT, people suffering from sickle cell are in dire need of ethnically matched blood for survival. “We need 16,600 new blood donors of black heritage this year to help treat sickle cell patients,” – NHSBT. Many people of black heritage carry the RO blood subtype needed to save the lives of sickle cell warriors who are mostly from Black African, Asian, or Mediterranean heritage.

They published flyers and videos on all our social media platforms with an active link for people to register and donate blood: Plasma of Hope | Home ,  Why more black blood donors are needed – NHS Blood Donation. We printed flyers and other gadgets with QR Codes for prospective blood donor registration; we also posted flyers, and audio-visual messages on socials.