Virtual Fitness for the Physical and Mental Wellbeing of Sickle Cell Fighters

Thanks to the support of the National Lottery Sports England, Plasma of Hope (PoH) actively started a 6-month Virtual Fitness activity for sickle cell fighters. With the guidance of a professional fitness coach, users engaged in a biweekly virtual exercise for physical and mental wellbeing. This programme entails mild to moderate exercises like squatting, stretching, punches and lunges. These exercises go a long way to improve energy levels and ease blood and oxygen flow. The virtual fitness programme keeps users relatively healthy with limited crises occurrence and few hospital admissions.

Participant feedback: I have enjoyed these exercise sessions very much. I have always wanted to join an exercise class to help me stay healthy but due to my disability, I have not been able to do so. These sessions gave me the opportunity to do exercise at the comfort of my home. I have seen great improvement in my general health, and I hope more sessions will be coming soon.